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tlc-سیلیکا-ژلTLC Silica gel 60 60

TLC Silica gel 60
50 Glass plates 10 x 20 cm
کد: 1056260001
برای نمایش قیمت و درج در سبد خرید لطفا ثبت نام و یا وارد اکانت کاربری خود شوید.

TLC Silica gel 60 50 Glass plates 10 x 20 cm
اطلاعات جایگزینی محصول
Replacement Information In North America 1.05626.0001 replaces and is identical to 5626-6


شرح محصول
Catalogue Number 105626
Replaces 5626-6; 5626
Overview Our classical silica TLC plates are based on a combination of our proven silica gel 60 and the addition of a unique polymeric binder resulting in a very adherent and hard surface that will not crack or blister and even allow writing with a pensil on the surface without risk to damage the layer.
اطلاعات محصول
HS Code 3822 00 00
اطلاعات ایمنی بر اساس GHS
Storage class 10 - 13 Other liquids and solids
اطلاعات بارگیری و نگهداری
Storage Storage temperature: no restrictions.
مشخصات فنی محصول
Specific surface area (according to BET; 5-Pt. measurement) 480 - 540 m²/g
Pore volume (N₂-isotherm) 0.74 - 0.84 ml/g
d 50 (laser diffraction, size distribution) 9.5 - 11.5 µm
Layer thickness 210 - 270 µm
Deviation of layer thickness per plate ≤ 35 µm
Chromatographic testing:
colour test
- bleu vif organol, colour test, lipophile

11 - 25
- Ceres Black G, colour test, lipophile 34 - 48
- ceres Violet brn, colour test, lipophile 52 - 67
separation number (colourtest, lipophile) ≥ 10.5
Typical value determined on a conditioned plate
Eluent: toluene (45% rel. humidity)
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