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Small Molecule Pharmaceuticals

Small Molecule Pharmaceuticals


Usually developing a new pharmaceutical drug is a complex of challenging process. As one of the main supplier of high-quality products and services for the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, we offer everything you need to optimize development and reduce time to market for your therapeutic small molecules.

1- A wide range of customer-centric services

2- Tailor-made production quantities on a global scale

3- A continually updated portfolio for evolving markets and regulatory requirements

4- Expertise and state-of-the-art equipment backed by a complete matrix of production technologies capable of fulfilling more than 95% of all common chemical reactions

5- Full service throughout the entire development chain supporting you in chemical as well as regulatory aspects GMP-certified and FDA-inspected development and production sites

6- API Synthesis 

7- Bulk API

8- Purification of Pharm Drugs 


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