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common questions

1 Why are all products without price?

Answer: To see the price of the goods, you must sign up from the sign-up menu at the top of the page, get subscribed to the site, and after you have received the membership, go to your desired item and see the price and weight of the goods.

2 Can I change my profile later?

Answer: This possibility has not been activated for the security reasons in the home chemistry system, and if you need to change (name, email, contact number, etc.), you must re-register.

3 Why did not I send an email confirmation to me, despite completing the registration form?

A: The email will be sent immediately after registration, send in your email in the spam box and check your spam folder.

4 Do I have to be a member on the site to buy a home chemist?

Answer: Yes, membership is mandatory for the price and availability of goods.

5 Can we register our order throughout the day?

A: Yes, the house of chemistry will accept the order throughout the day and even on holidays, and will process and send your order in the first place (working hours per day).

6 How do I know the status of my custom registration?

Answer: If the order is registered, an email containing the product invoice will be sent to you from the chemistry home.

You can contact the numbers indicated in the contact us during working hours (Saturdays to Thursdays from 9 to 15) and contact the responsible person to follow the order and ask questions.

7 Can we order a product that is not available?

A: No, this possibility is not available on the site, but you can, by contacting the authorities of the home chemistry, if possible, submit your request for the product.

8 Can I register my order by phone?

Answer: Yes. Considering that the products available on the site can be made easier through the chemistry homepage, the home chemistry, however, has the ability to cover all the ways consumers access the product.
9 Is there a limit to the number of purchases from a product in Djikala?

A: In general, there is no limit to the order of a single item in the home of chemistry. However, given that the inventory for each commodity varies at any time, sometimes there are limitations on the number of orders that can be made from a commodity. To be

10 How do I know if the product is really original?

A: Homemaking is the leading representative of the world's leading brands such as Merck, Honeywell, Sigma, Fluke, etc.) in Iran, all products have original code and can be tracked at the parent site. You can directly access the sites of the parent's goods through the top menu of the site or in the last part of the support section on the site in the article of originality of goods, and check the originality of the goods.

If you do not find your answer to the above listings, contact your customer support via email or phone call.

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